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New Art21 Magazine Issue: “Empathy”

Today the Art21 Magazine launched its November/December issue, “Empathy.” Inspired by the ways in which artists foster connections between disparate cultures, ideologies, and communities, the “Empathy” issue seeks to highlight what we all have in common by featuring artists and projects that reach across the social, cultural, and political boundaries that divide us.

Joining us as guest editor of the issue is Yvette Mutumba, an independent curator and the cofounder and Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary And, an online space for reflecting on and linking together ideas, discourse and information on contemporary art practice from diverse African perspectives. In her “Letter from the Editor,” Mutumba shares the necessity of developing an unbiased empathy through experiencing a diversity of cultural projects—which, she says, can lead to a greater understanding of the issues troubling the world today.

Also included in the issue launch is a feature on artist Stephanie Dinkins, who in her current residency at Recess Assembly, is exploring whether the social robot BINA48 is capable of speaking from the perspective of a Black woman. And in an interview with Project Row Houses director Eureka Gilkey, she shares how the Houston nonprofit directly responds to the needs of the community, especially in the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey.

Check back on the Art21 Magazine for new articles on empathy in contemporary art through the end of the year.