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Tune In: Season 8 Finale Tonight on PBS!

The night of the Season 8 finale is finally here! Our new broadcast season wraps up tonight with two back-to-back episodes at 9 and 10pm on PBS (check your local listings). Hosted by Claire Danes, each episode shares the lives and inspirations of four artists living and working in the cities of Los Angeles and Vancouver.


Los Angeles, 9pm

While sprawling Los Angeles has world-class museums and art schools, artists working in the shadow of the entertainment industry are more “under the radar,” affording them the space and time to imagine. Los Angeles features artists Diana Thater, Liz Larner, Tala Madani, and Edgar Arceneaux, and was directed by three-time Academy Award nominee Deborah Dickson.


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Vancouver, 10pm

In small and tightly-knit Vancouver, artists reframe the world through a series of sophisticated illusions. By recreating historical moments, staging photos of vernacular scenes, and crafting intricate sculptures that trick the eye, artists reveal how everyday images and moments from the past are not always what they seem. Directed by Emmy Award-winner Pamela Mason Wagner, Vancouver features artists Liz Magor, Stan Douglas, Brian Jungen, and Jeff Wall.


Chicago and Mexico City premiered last Friday, September 16th, and are available to watch online.