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Announcing this Year’s Art21 Educators

Here at Art21 Education, all eyes are looking towards summer! It’s not just the promise of vacation and warmer weather—what’s really thrilling for us is getting to welcome a new cohort of Art21 Educators!

We’re also excited about some of the new changes to the Art21 Educators program, like our new mentorship system. This year, instead of applying in pairs, applicants applied individually, and each new Art21 Educator will be paired with a mentor who is an alumni of the Art21 Educators program. The mentor will also attend the Summer Institute, and mentors and mentees will meet once a month (both individually and in small focus groups with other mentors/mentees) during the 2016-2017 school year. We also expanded the Art21 Educators program to accept applications from Mexico!

As we embark on our sixth year of the program, we are thrilled to introduce our exceptional new group of educators who hail from Guadalajara, Mexico; Winnipeg, Canada; California, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Georgia, Washington, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  Drum roll, please!

Our 2016-2017 Art21 Educators are:

     Stacey Abramson, Maples Collegiate, Winnipeg, Canada

     Amber Arnold, Level Creek Elementary School, Duluth, Georgia

     Daniela Cadena, Centro Educativo La Barranca, Guadalajara, Mexico

     Tammy Dunn, Village Community School, NYC, NY

     Joseph Eduardo Iacona, Juvenile Detention Center, Lansdowne, PA

     Nick Kozak, Manhattan Hunter Science High School & NYU Steinhardt, NYC, NY

     Erica Richard, Vista Academy, Aurora, Colorado

     Alisa Rodny, Jeremiah E. Burke High School, Dorchester, MA

     Ann Schwab, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans, LA

     Margaret Segalla, Segerstrom High School, Costa Mesa, California

     Ty Talbot, University Prep, Seattle, Washington

     Elizabeth Williams, Meramec Elementary School, Saint Louis, Missouri

This July, the group will meet for the first time to participate in six intense days of workshops and discussions about Art21’s films and curricular resources. Together, the new Art21 Educators will visit galleries and museums, and meet with Art21-featured artists. After the summer, we’ll continue working virtually as a group to share the different ways we are introducing contemporary art and artists in classrooms throughout the country and beyond.

Congratulations to this year’s participants!


To learn more about the Art21 Educators program, visit art21.org.