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New Video: Sarah Sze’s Experimental Site

“To have these extreme scale shifts in the experience in a very close proximity – that is actually the way we perceive things.” — Sarah Sze


Today’s Art21 Exclusive features Sarah Sze discussing her sculpture Measuring Stick (2015), which explores the “measurement of time and space through the moving image.” Sze remembers watching Charles and Ray Eames’s Powers of Ten as a young student in the 1970s, and cites the film as an inspiration for her work. “That was something I always looked forward to seeing.”

Sze’s sculpture originally began as a film but evolved into a three-dimensional work that resembles an editing desk, reflecting the moving image through the inclusion of flickering light and references to “scientist image-makers.” Sze describes the diaphanous sculpture as an “experimental site” that “tries to actually measure a kind of behavior.”


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Sarah Sze

April 1, 2016