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New Video: Omer Fast Interrupts “Continuity”

“Those moments are magical in film—when we have a pure linear motion that approaches something and reveals it—but I’m interested in the stuff that gets in the way.” — Omer Fast


Today’s Art21 Exclusive features Omer Fast discussing Continuity (2012), a short film that was commissioned for dOCUMENTA (13) and questions the very nature of truth and narrative. Continuity depicts a middle-class married couple and the return of their son from Afghanistan. What begins as a straightforward homecoming story set in a conventional domestic interior is interrupted by uneasy repetition and the appearance of ghostly, surreal apparitions from the warzone.

“With more and more questions, you create a productive kind of confusion and that’s what I’m after,” says Fast. As the family’s increasingly choreographed reunion unfolds, a sense of longing and emptiness pervades. Fast adds, “It’s about figuring out what to put along the way to pull you away from this notion that there is a linear story with a goal at the end.”


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Omer Fast

January 29, 2016