These Dialogues consisted of four simultaneous conversations addressing four different topics. Designed as open platforms for a moderator and discussants to exchange ideas and develop new questions around art and education, audience members were also able to join in the conversation. Each thematic Dialogue was repeated for a second time with the same moderator, but with a new group of discussants. Participants could choose different thematic conversations for each of the two parts, or participate in the same theme.

Twenty-First Century Citizens

Moderator: Flossie Chua

How are we preparing students for the uncertainties of the twenty-first century and what is the potential of the arts in education to meet these challenges?

This dialogue explored how educators and artists can support current and future citizens and situate the visual arts as core to cross-disciplinary learning.

Part 1

Discussants: Arlene Shechet, Fadwa Abbas, Jerry James, Sandra Jackson-Dumont

Part 2

Discussants: John Abodeely, Mark Dion, Raygine DiAquoi, Zipporiah Mills

Classroom as Community / Community as Classroom

Moderator: Joe Fusaro

Where does learning happen and how can we better connect school and community-based art and education?

This dialogue questioned how we define and enact sites of learning, how contemporary artists can support school and community-based learning, and how educators can bring the arts community into their classrooms.

Part 1

Discussants: Dillon Paul, Jose Serrano-McClain, Karen Rosner, Tomie Arai

Part 2

Discussants: Cathleen Lewis, Luis Camnitzer, Rebecca Belleville, Yvette Ramirez

The Intersections of Artistic & Educational Practices

Moderator: Lois Hetland

What can artists and educators learn from each other?

This dialogue investigated the intersections between artistic and educational practices today, considered the implications of art and education being in direct dialogue with each other, and imagined the possibilities for cross-pollinating the goals and strategies of art and education.

Part 1

Discussants: Cathleen Lewis, Dipti Desai, Luis Camnitzer, Nick Kozak

Part 2

Discussants: Dillon Paul, Jerry James, Priyanka Dasgupta, Tomie Arai

Toward Equity, Access, and Social Justice

Moderator: Marit Dewhurst

What responsibilities do artists and educators have in the face of pressing political and social issues?

This dialogue examined the role of art and education in terms of current social concerns and longstanding inequity, and considered strategies necessary for radical change that might constructively support both fields of practice.

Part 1

Discussants: Mark Bradford, Raygine DiAquoi, Rebecca Belleville, Yvette Ramirez

Part 2

Discussants: Dipti Desai, Fadwa Abbas, Jose Serrano-McClain, LaToya Ruby Frazier