Information on all the conversations and activities that took place at the February 2015 Creative Chemistries, listed here in the order that they occurred.

ART21 Screening & Panel Discussion

On the Functions and Fallibilities of Art in Education and Education

A series of ART21 clips kicked off this panel discussion at Creative Chemistries’ first event on Friday night.

ART21’s Director of Educational Initiatives Jess Hamlinmoderated the discussion by artist Luis Camnitzer, art educator Rebecca Belleville, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Frederick P. and Sandra P. Rose Chairman of Education, Sandra Jackson-Dumont.


Saturday morning started off with two sets of Exchanges between artists and arts administrators.

IMG_1444 web

Exchange, Part 1

Art + Education: Advocating for a New Paradigm

In the first Exchange, the Executive Director at the Center for Arts Education, Eric Pryor sat down with artist Mark Bradford.

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Exchange, Part 2

Art + Education: Expanding Access & Equity

In the second Exchange, photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier engaged in a spirited discussion with John Abodeely, the Deputy Director of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.


These Dialogues were designed as open platforms for a moderator and discussants to exchange ideas and develop new questions around art and education. Each thematic Dialogue was repeated for a second time with the same moderator and a new group of discussants and participants.


Experiments were facilitated by pairs of artists and educators to engage participants in aspects of the creative process and ideas central to their work. Focusing on strategies for thinking, making, and performing through art and education, sessions encouraged collaboration, experimentation, and interdisciplinary exploration.

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Areas for Action

Jethro Gillespie and Oliver Herring

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Performing Objects: Future Archaeologies

Mary Mattingly and Tricia Fitzpatrick

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Postcard Parlor Games

Don Ball and Mark Dion

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Media Remix

Jack Watson and Mark Bradford


The Language Gap

Nick Kozak and Paul Pfeiffer

ART21 Educators Lab

The ART21 Educators Lab showcased a variety of teaching strategies and resources presented by ART21 Educators. Participants were invited to visit the space throughout the event and talk with ART21 Educators, and peruse resources and publications.