You are about to embark on a unique collaborative artistic experience.

avaf + art21 comboworks is a simple concept: Word combinations based on the ‘avaf’ acronym (read more about the avaf acronyms).

Realistically, you can submit any combination of words that begin with ‘avaf’…our machines aren’t smart enough to sniff out made-up words. But what’s the fun in that?

There aren’t too many restrictions for a true avaf combo. A few guidelines:

  • Word combinations can be in any language
  • Words may contain most common characters from the basic Latin character set (like accented characters, symbols, etc.)
  • Words are ideally actual words (think “Scrabble rules”)
  • Combos are ideally phrases or a combination of phrases

Read more about the different avaf combo construction methods in About.

To submit a word combination, simply enter each of the four words in the appropriate fields.

We’ll also need your name or nom de plume (so that the world can applaud your brilliance) and your email address.

Now, don’t worry, we will never publicly display your email address, nor will we add your email address to our email lists without your consent. However, we might need to contact you for things like telling you how much we love your contribution. Read more about how we might use your email address in our Terms of Use.

One more thing: this is a public collaborative project. Know where your submission might end up by reading our Terms of Use.

Once you’ve entered your information, hit the Submit button and, if everything checks out, you will be taken straight to your submission.

And that’s it!

You should now be adequately prepared to participate. If you’re looking for inspiration, browse through the gallery of submissions or read more about the avaf combos. Then, when you’re ready, start off with creating your first combo!

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