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This Week in Art 1.2-1.8: Katharina Grosse Makes Music

Season 7 artist Katharina Grosse has announced the release of her very first musical album, coming in March. A collaboration with musician Stefan Schneider, the album features both artists intuitively playing analog synthesizers. The forthcoming album is titled Tiergarten after the park in Berlin.

Events & exhibitions


  • January 7-14—This Saturday at BRIC is the New York premiere of anatomy theateran opera written by Season 4 artist Mark Dion and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang. In addition to co-writing the opera, Dion is also the scenic designer for the performance.


  • Saturday, January 7 | 2-3pm—Textile scholar Linda Eaton is giving a gallery talk this weekend during the final days of Ann Hamilton’s habitus. Eaton will “present a theoretical and historical perspective on the objects in the exhibition.”