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This Week in Art: 8.1-8.7

Last week we began releasing preview clips of each of the artists featured in the upcoming season of Art in the Twenty-First Century. Learn about Theaster Gates and Barbara Kasten in Chicago, Minerva Cuevas in Mexico City, Brian Jungen in Vancouver, and Liz Larner in Los Angeles. And see new clips as they’re released every week here! Also in art news this week:

  • An ice cream shop in York, Pennsylvania just made a Jeff Koons-inspired flavor, “Koons Dough,” a French vanilla and sugar cookie dough ice cream inspired by the artist’s sculpture, Play-Doh.
  • Omer Fast shared insights into his first feature film, Remainder, with Artnet: “It’s definitely an experiment, but also something that I found extremely seductive, mostly because the budget involved allowed me to create a world that’s a bit bigger and bit deeper than the world that I’m usually able to create for my art projects.”

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