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Staff Picks: July 2016

It’s staff picks time again! We’ve assembled a list of exhibitions, television shows, and even podcasts to keep you learning and entertained all weekend.


“Went to the Bas Jan Ader show at Metro Pictures with Art21’s summer interns. We laughed, we cried. A must see.”

Tina Kukielski, Executive Director
On view through August 5th


“This one’s more storytelling than art related, but I’m obsessed with Radiolab’s new (and first!) spinoff podcast on the Supreme Court: More Perfect. ‘Cruel and Unusual’ and ‘The Imperfect Plaintiffs’ are my favorites so far.”

Lindsey Davis, Digital Content Editor


Laszlo Moholy-Nagy at the Guggenheim is amazing. The 3D work looks like it could have been made yesterday. And fascinating to see this key influence on Barbara Kasten—I appreciated his work in a whole new way after working with Barbara! And Martin Creed at the Park Avenue Armory was full of surprises.”

Eve Moros Ortega, Executive Producer
On view through September 7th


“MoMA’s presentation of Nan Goldin: The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is equally beautiful and painful, like her work itself.”

Kerri Schlottman-Bright, Deputy Director
On view through February 12th


“The most incisive performance art going is actually on broadcast TV and it’s called Nathan For You. Deadpan host Nathan Fielder stages absurd reality tv-style hoaxes—‘Dumb Starbucks’ is a contemporary classic—that reveal some very uncomfortable cultural and economic truths. New season starts on Comedy Central in the fall I think but you can watch previous seasons on their site.”

Nick Ravich, Director of Production