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Staff Picks: June 2016

Looking for an artsy encounter? The Art21 staff has you covered. Check out the art we’ve seen and loved in this month’s selection of staff picks:


Zayn Malik, photographed by Collier Schorr. No explanation needed.”

Ian Forster, Producer


“I went to DIA Beacon recently to see the Robert Irwin exhibition and highly recommend it!”

Eve Moros Ortega, Executive Producer
Open till May 2017


“I got a chance to see the Stuart Davis show at the Whitney this month, which is rather wonderful. His take on abstractionism and cubism is distinctly American with a hint of Malevich and echoes of Warhol to come. Enchanting.”

—Veronique Bernard, Art in the Twenty-First Century Consultant & Producer
On view till September 25th


“I loved the apexart Fencing in Democracy exhibition. This show is incredibly timely and poignant in humanizing one of the largest political issues this election season.”

Kerri Schlottman-Bright, Deputy Director
On view till July 30th


“Definitely recommend Moholy-Nagy’s show at the Guggenheim. He was the biggest influence on Season 8 artist Barbara Kasten, featured in the Chicago episode. He’s also the city’s emigre artist-teacher par excellence.”

Nick Ravich, Director of Production
On view till September 7th